Hello World

23 isn’t too late to create your own website is it? I would hope not.

I finally got to the point where I had enough self-obsession to decide I deserve my own little corner of the internet, I guess. The intention, though, isn’t to just ramble on entirely about myself and all my charming (or not) characteristics. Largely, I want this place to serve as some eye candy for people inquiring as to who exactly I am. Most people do that, right?

I do hope to blog about a few things here and there. Not entirely sure what, yet, but probably things along the lines of tech, philosophy, etc.

I suppose I could relate my experience with getting this website set up.

Summary: Incredibly easy.

Namecheap made the process of obtaining a domain name absolutely painless, and then Hugo made the process of creating something to stick on said domain equally painless. I’m very pleased with the overall experience.