My real name is Rickey, though I commonly go by the pseudonym Ceikry, which is just my real name in alphabetical order. Takes everyone ages to figure that out so I’ll just come right on out with it.

I have been passionate about computers, generally, and programming, specifically, since I was very young, about 11 years old. Growing up I generally had fairly limited access to the internet so would put my idle time exploring computers, software, etc and experimenting with things to see if anything blew up.

One of my very first pieces of software, at the age of I want to say 12ish, was a cheat client for this silly online game called DragonFable. It wasn’t anything particularly special, it essentially just wrapped around cheat engine with the game client embedded into the program. I believe it was written using VisualBasic.

That was a fairly transformative experience for me, however basic it was, and it led to me having a constant desire to understand on deeper levels the software that I interacted with, and gave me early but strong aspirations to become a competent programmer.

Today, I work professionally on videogames, working largely with C#, and also maintain several side projects pertaining mostly to reverse engineering my favorite childhood game RuneScape, a game to which I don’t believe the modern versions do any justice, hence I feel very strongly about preserving it in the form it had during my childhood. I do it strictlty out of passion, so much so that I explicitlty disallowed myself and any of the contributors from taking donations for their work on it, and if I find out someone has, they are kicked from the project.

My primary interests include:

  • Software development
  • Reverse engineering
  • Software preservation
  • Reading
  • Building things, whether or not those things are software.
  • Taking something apart, or picking software apart, and learning how it works.
  • Trying to find humor in places it doesn’t belong.

I am diagnosed ADHD, however I don’t believe it hinders me much. In truth, it probably helps, because some things involved with reverse engineering are so completely mind-numbingly boring (even though I love it) that the ability to hyper-focus at times really helps me to accomplish some great things, sometimes.

The languages I “know” (see: Learned once but never really use because I don’t like them) are listed below:

  • Python (A lie, I do use it sometimes.)
  • Ruby
  • JavaScript (Please don’t get me started.)
  • YAML (not really a language, but special mention for being particularly awful.)

The languages I consider myself nearly or completely competent in are:

  • Java
  • Kotlin (<3)
  • Rust (<3)
  • C#
  • C
  • BASH/SH scripts

If you want to know more about me, just email me or something.