Passionate software developer, open source advocate and software preservationist. I believe that the most sacred things a person can do with their lifetime are to create and to preserve the creations of others.

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Latest Posts JDBC SQLite Tips

Intro SQLite is probably my favorite “flat-file” format to work with for storing data. I mean, you would hope so, right? It is a database after all. Anyways, as much of a pleasure as it is to work with, it does come with plenty of its own pitfalls, especially working with it in highly dynamic systems of any noticeable scale. Below I intend to document some tips/advice/wisdom I have garnered over time from working with it. Read More...

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APIs Are Fun

Prelude As I’m sure you’re well aware of by now if you have read any of this blog, I really like working on 2009Scape and hacking on the RuneScape client. If you aren’t aware (which, given the size of the community that’s interested in this sort of thing, you’re probably not) the RuneScape client is actually very closed source. People like me who wish to preserve the game and learn how it works have to break it apart, crack it open, and dispell the ancient hieroglyphics imposed by the obfuscator to try to get a feel of what’s going on. Read More...

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RuneScape Bitfields

Introduction When I first started working on my 2009 remake project, 2009scape, I had absolutely no idea what I was doing. All I knew was that as a kid I loved playing RuneScape and wanted a way to relive the true RuneScape of my youth. Jagex has come out with Old School RuneScape, but it doesn’t really hit the spot for me. They’ve made countless changes, both to aesthetics and mechanics, and it just feels like a new RuneScape game with old RuneScape graphics. Read More...

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CSP Sucks

So today I decided to get my site here set up with LetsEncrypt so I can have HTTPS. HTTPS on the modern web is very important because people think that they can still get their data stolen even if it’s a website where no data can be submitted, like mine. Annoyances about the ubiquity of unreasonable https expectations aside, getting LetsEncrypt itself set up was a breeze. Except for one small thing. Read More...

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Hello World

23 isn’t too late to create your own website is it? I would hope not. I finally got to the point where I had enough self-obsession to decide I deserve my own little corner of the internet, I guess. The intention, though, isn’t to just ramble on entirely about myself and all my charming (or not) characteristics. Largely, I want this place to serve as some eye candy for people inquiring as to who exactly I am. Read More...

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